Alat Bantu Kesehatan

Alat Bantu Kesehatan
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Medisana Alat Monitoring Gula Darah (Meditouch)

_x000D_   _x000D_ With the Meditouch Blood Glucose Monitor Set Devices it's easy to measure you..

Rp.505,440 Ex Pajak: Rp.505,440

Medisana Alat Monitoring Tekanan Darah (MTP)

_x000D_ _x000D_ Tekanan Darah Tinggi adalah Tekanan atau ketegangan yang sebabkan oleh darah y..

Rp.749,729 Ex Pajak: Rp.749,729

Medisana Alat Monitoring Tekanan Darah Dengan Jam Alarm

_x000D_ Alat Tensi Cardio Compact 2 in 1 Monitor Tekanan Darah mengukur tekanan darah yang akurat p..

Rp.792,000 Ex Pajak: Rp.792,000

Medisana Digital Termometer (FTC)

_x000D_ Thermometer to measure body temperature. Thermometer is used by attaching iron into the bod..

Rp.37,908 Ex Pajak: Rp.37,908

Medisana Infared Termometer (FTN)

_x000D_ Infared Thermometer FTN is the thermometer a multi function which can measure body temperat..

Rp.513,863 Ex Pajak: Rp.513,863

Medisana Infrared Ear Termometer (FTO)

_x000D_ MEDISANA FTO Infrared Ear Thermometer reads the infrared measurement of body temperature in..

Rp.398,970 Ex Pajak: Rp.398,970

Medisana Inhalator (IN 500)

_x000D_ Inhaler IN 500 Compact is a therapeutic tool that can treat diseases of the upper respirato..

Rp.594,000 Ex Pajak: Rp.594,000

Medisana Strip Tes Glukosa Darah Meditouch (50 pcs)

_x000D_   _x000D_ Meditouch blood glucose test strips are test strips for measuring blood gluco..

Rp.273,780 Ex Pajak: Rp.273,780

Medisana Ultrasonik Nebulizer (USC)

_x000D_ Ultrasonic Inhalers USC is a tool inhalation therapy (inhalation) in the treatment of respi..

Rp.940,500 Ex Pajak: Rp.940,500